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Melburn Roobaix 2020

First and foremost.  Thank you for the continued support of our event.  We are a small family business and this event is a significant part of that.  

The 2020 Melburn Roobaix is ANYDAY and EVERYDAY this year.

Before you choose a time to ride - Please be aware of the COVID19 restrictions.

Each registration includes:

  • 2020 Melburn Roobaix Ticket.  We've put together a GREATEST HITS of PAVE sectors from every year for you to create your own unique ride with your mates - whenever it suits you.
  • 2020 Spoke card.
  • HALO - Emergency bike light holder from Towards Zero.
  • Each ticket is also an entry into the Monthly PRIZE RAFFLE
  • 2020 riders will be guaranteed entry for the 2021 Melburn Roobaix if they register in the first week.

For more details on this years format - KEEP SCROLLING.


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Covid safe - Ride safe!