'Since Forever' FYXO has offered products that are great quality and durable to last many adventures. 
Our creative juices come from a cauldron of cycle culture, mixed with music, art, and our love of the outdoors.  As a small business, waste is a major mojo killer and financial punch in the gut.  In an attempt to transfer the designs that spring to mind, in rapid time, we have gone back to the drawing board. 
A backstory.
The first 'fyxomatosis' tees were baked fresh in the kitchen of a share house in San Francisco.  It was the Spring of 'Oh Four' and I took inspiration from the stencil art movement that was taking place in Melbourne around the time and got a scalpel, acetate, foam rollers and tubes of acrylic paint from Blick's on Market.  I printed out the design at Kinko's, put the acetate over top, cut out the design. squeezed paint onto a foam roller and 'Voila!'.  The first tees I made were for an alleycat (messenger race).   Ideas for more tees snowballed from there.  It was a messy, time consuming process but I loved the 'made to order' nature as it freed me creatively, and I could make as many - or as few as people wanted from my backpack as I worked my way around the cities of the world.
Amid the challenges of Covid we revisited the principle, using more sophisticated application methods, to be more responsive and bold in design, while eliminating the 'wastage' of unwanted/unsellable garments.  Our Signature T-shirts of beautiful combed cotton and great fit, are loved by many and we have expanded that line to include Australian Merino wool. 
Melodie has always had her finger on the pulse for customer experience, and has been transitioning out of using plastics to using biodegradable packaging for 6 years including 'BetterPackaging' Biodegradable bags, Biodegradable Tape, recyclable tissue paper and cardboard boxes.   We recycle the plastic strips that come off the courier bags and any plastics that come our way in work and at home.  Sustainable packaging and process has a higher cost,  which is taxing as a small business, but this is our choice and is important to us.
We have invested in Upparel, a company who transform non-saleable clothing into new textiles and we use them personally to dispose of garments that we no longer can use.
To us, sustainability is about the power for all of us to make small changes in our own lives that can make big changes to the future we leave behind. 
FYXO is aiming to do that everyday, whenever and wherever we can.