The Hell of the Northcote - est 2006.

What the hell...

For the unitiated - Melburn Roobaix ( pron: Roo-bay) is a non-competitive bicycle tour of the inner suburbs, themed very loosely on the most gruelling race in the world - Paris Roubaix.

Since 2006, FYXO has been hosting a super fun day in the saddle. A bicycle adventure, bumpy in nature, 40km if you follow the suggested route - shorter if you decide to take a long lunch and short cut to the end. The route is almost entirely linked by bike paths, bike lanes, cobbled alleys and quiet streets.

Your ticket gets you a SUPER high quality musette ( French word for tote bag) - inside it you'll get a map with the route, pen to write with, treats and a few surprise bonuses revealed on the day. Don't ask - it's a surprise!

The rider always finishes at the World Famous Brunswick Velodrome where you'll find great food, drinks and activities to experience. There's FREE Bike Parking and you can give your mud covered machine some love at the Goon Wash Bike Station.

Embrace the spirit of your inner kid and join us.

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The Classics season is here


Get the best bang for your buck at and put Saturday 29 April in your diary. Why?!

Early Bird Registration | Melburn Roobaix

Saturday 29 April 2023  |  8am - 12pm

Genovese Coffee Roasters  |  51 Moreland Rd, Coburg

  • SAVE on entry - Tickets $80. CASH ONLY
  • FREE Coffee all morning
  • BONUS Cap for the first 500 tickets sold
  • SUPER prize pack to win. Complete your registration to be in the draw.
  • WIN at life.

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'23 will be the raddest Roobaix yet! We couldn't do it without:

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The Cobble Crushing Movie.


This year is extra rad.

We have the best sponsors!

We work with brands we love and that fit like a glove when it comes to making this event more awesome.

If the wind is blowing just right, the scent of roasted coffee from Genovese will waft past the Roobaix Velodrome.

Coffee and bike obsessed - you'll find their beans in the hoppers of many a great coffee institution.

Gonzlab approved.

Blackhearts & Sparrows is an independent, Melburn based family business.

Passionate about creating real moments of bicycle connection and view great wine, beer and spirits as more than just a drink: they bring people together.

They get the Melodie tick of approval!

This Melburn startup has taken over the world with their awesome mounts for 'life'. In the car, at your desk and outside adventures.

For inside, Melodie loves the wall mount for looking up recipes and watching MAFS.

e-bikes have been crushing the cobbles at Roobaix since nearly forever. We love how a pedal assist motor can transform the bicycle into a supercharged mobility tool.

Discover what makes an eBike with the Bosch system so special at Melburn Roobaix.

TAC along with their road safety partners are working to achieve the vision of no deaths or serious injuries on our roads.

We are moving towards a future where every journey is a safe one.

Crumpler was the original messenger bag of choice - Andy's first was a Bees Knees bag which carried his deliveries all over London back in 2000. Loved for their durability and vibrant colours, Crumpler bags are built to last - and to love.

They have just released a fresh collection of bicycles bags - check em out!

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