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Kyle's Santa Cruz Tallboy / SRAM AXS

Kyle's Santa Cruz Tallboy / SRAM AXS

Kyle's Santa Cruz TALLBOY.  There is no excuse for going slow up AND definitely down trail on this dual suspension 'XC' shredder.

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RAW and RAD / Trek Full Stache

RAW and RAD / Trek Full Stache

This would have made a great ISO project - but boredom with the stock colour had come long before I stripped and sanded my Trek Full Stache 8.  
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Egress Bikes - Custom Singlespeed Race MTB

Egress Bikes - Custom Singlespeed Race MTB

Jimmy Rostlünd is Egress Bikes.  Originally native to Scandinavia, he calls Australia home.  Relatively new to building bikes, he has a number of frames of his belt ranging from his roots in BMX, to MTB, Gravel and road.


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The first content was uploaded via dial-up from the back of Andy White's crusty messenger bag in 2003 -and fyxomatosis was born. A play on the infectious nature that track bike culture was spreading the FYXO website (built by his brother) was a place for the stories and worldwide travels to live on the world wide web, in the age before Facebook.

FYXO is a cult of all things two wheels, bringing cycling apparel, unique desirables and bike events to Melburn and the world.  Andy FYXO has always spread things close to his heart - riding in all its forms, connecting people and building community. 

Andy has worked with many publications, brands and businesses from RIDE 'Retro Review's to Bike Technologies, Curve Cycling, Speedvagen, Honda, PROVA and more. 

FYXO is a reflection of what this family business believes in: quality goods for the bike obsessed, fast & friendly service, without crippling your credit card.

Our premiere event is MELBURN ROOBAIX - join the tribe that ride it!

about fyxo

Andy White - New York City, 2005.   


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