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Limited Edition MELBURN ROOBAIX Snapback Hat
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FYXO Bibs shorts are design for function and fit, drawing from a lifetime of experience spent in the saddle.  

Peloton's PICK



FYXO sits down with Stuart O'Grady, one the greatest washed up cyclists Australia has ever produced for an informal gas bag about his career in the saddle.  Due to an audio error much of the brilliance and candid talk was lost (boring bit) but a great view all the same.  Thanks to Stuart for being a great sport on and off the bike, one of only two cyclists in the world to have successfully ridden both Paris-Roubaix and Melburn-Roobaix.


Birdy Jersey- Fantastic colourful jersey! was amazed to see that the colours much more flamboyant than on the website. It looks fantastic and sparkles with joy. The zippered pocket is the perfect size for the valuables, the main pockets are not huge, but large enough for 7-hour rides. I had to size up on level: the fit on the chest was perfect, but it was tight around the too-prominent belly. Now the fit is just right. Great jersey, great looks, great value!

- Michael

WD-40 Bidon - If you haven’t turned your old mans can of WD-40 into a blow torch and almost burnt down the garage, or tried using it as a multi purpose bicycle lube on your steel mtb rig as a teenager then this still might be the perfect bidon for you anyway.800ml capacity is spot on, cap flows like magic, what more could you possibly need to know? Love it.

- James Wilson

Molteni Onesie- Have followed Andy (FYXO) for years, always great to be able to grab some of his merch. Have been waiting for years to be able to order one of the onesies - priority #1 after the 13 week scan! Delivered as always with a thoughtful gift and a handwritten note. Cheers!

- Christopher Johnston

'KING BRIGHT- LOVE IT! Everything about this light (and the rear light) is perfect. The quality of every component is clear from the first touch and the light is so bright i felt like i could have been blinding on coming cars. And for a big light the ease with which it can be attached and removed is remarkable. Im considering buying a second one just because.

- Gavin Mayberry-Long




Why pay for it when you can get it for FREE!




We understand there is no 'internet changing room' so if you don't like and item for whatever reason - send it back with 14 days for a  refund / exchange



FYXO has been selling online since 2004.  We're here to make your shopping experience as close to IRL as possible.


Jersey  |  Vest

                                           XS        S          M         L            XL            2XL    

Chest Circumference    86-90   90-94   94-98   98-105   105-111   111-119

Front Length                   52-53   53-54   54-55   55-56      56-57       57-58

All measurements are in centimetres - CM


Bib Short

                                         XS        S          M         L          XL        2XL    

Waist Circumference  69-74   75-80   81-86   87-92   93-99   100-107

'Standard' Leg               23         24        25         26        27         28

'Classic' Leg                  23        24.5      26        27.5      29        30.5    

All measurements are in centimetres - CM



T- Shirt's

                                               XS    S      M       L       XL     2XL    

Chest (armpit to armpit)     92     97    102    107    112    117

Length (neck to bottom)     74     75     76      77      78      79

All measurements are in centimetres - CM