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Love the product

My expectations were blown away when I tried out my new fyxo light.

A Nice Bike Deserves a Nice Bike Bell!

Nice and loud and easy to fit. A bell a Melbourne tram driver would be happy to ring.

FYXO Ardent MTB Shorts

These shorts are the best MTB shorts I have owned, might even be able to sneak in to the local pub in them during the summer!

Tip top

Great shorts so much so i brought another pair 👌👌👌

Bright as!

Thanks Fyxo for another great product.

Fyxo MELBOURNE Roobaix stickers

Great stickers, good quality additions to the steel commuter. Would have loved the fyxo Columbus sticker included though - maybe next year!

Just what I wanted

Jumpers were both great and the sizing was spot on using the guide on the website. Thanks for a great time :)


Liked it so much I bought 3

The kind of jumper that means you have to tell people “my eyes are up here”. Good quality jumper. Love the personalisation. Bought one for me, and 2 for birthday presents. Nice one Fyxo.


Great shirt, soft fabric and it has a friendly cobble monster on it - awesome!

It's a Beauty

All of a sudden the dark cold ride home from work during winter has been given a boost by my new FYXO KING BRIGHT light. It has depth and width. I can even see the footpaths! Good lights like this provide a bout of confidence to keep cycling. Nice one FYXO.

Loud but small

Very good bell but only fits smaller bars.

I no longer feel so exposed!

These are a great addition to my usual lycra clad body, making me feel instantly more fashionable in the mountain biking world. Fit is good, although I wouldn't mind a little stash pocket above the bum.

She no fit

Bell is great, but sadly it doesn't fit around my oversize bars :(

Excellent loud bell Tone

Great bell - doesn't fit my handlebars

Hey there. Love the bell. Its super cool and has good sound. However, I can't affix it to my bike as bars are all too thick. Working towards a more universal way to fix to bike would be great.

Ding ding

I'm loving my new bell

Possibly the world’s best headset top cap.

Life is definitely too short to ride shit bikes, and what better way to declare this to all your uninformed non-cyclist pals than with a headset top cap that says just that? I can think of none. So basically this product is perfect in every way. Except it doesn’t make me coffee or change my kid’s nappy...

Not great

Fitting ring is too small for all of my bikes. Would be great to have it adjustable to accommodate a wider range of handlebar diameters. It was a gift at the roobaix. I’d love to use it but I can’t see how I can fit it on

A Nice Bike Bell

Great 'ding' but a shame it is so small

Good loud ring, but a shame the bells distributed at Melburn Roobaix were for micro handle bars

Attachment diameter

Got the bell free at Roobaix 19, but the diameter of the fitting is too small to fit handlebars on any of my bikes!

I like the ringing mechanism on this bell, because it results in no 'missed rings'. The bell I previously used was a simpler design that had the ringer attached to the bell stem by a spring. Often when I moved the ringer with my thumb the ringer would not vibrate enough to hit the bell. This bell does not suffer from that problem.

However, this bell could not be positioned on my handlebars conveniently, so I had to stretch in order to reach the bell lever. For this reason I plan to go back to using the old bell which was more flexible in this regard. If your handlebars are uncluttered you probably won't have this problem.