Your new favourite bicycle mechanic in Melbourne - Ozriders Studio

Your new favourite bicycle mechanic in Melbourne - Ozriders Studio

In any domain there are people known for their attention to detail, a level of care about product and service that means you can trust them with your beloved possession(s), to assemble, strip and/or service them so they perform optimally.

Many people have their 'go to wrench' in the same vein of hairdresser, and clients will follow them wherever they go, because trust is perhaps the most valuable commodity in the marketplace.

One such spanner-spinner is James Maebus, who has traded under the Ozriders moniker for over a decsde.



I've known of James Maebus (Ozriders) for what seems like forever.  A talented young kid coming through XC racing ranks, he did a long stint at SRAM, developing an expansive knowledge of product and technical servicing, backed up with experience in elite race support for road, CX and MTB, and always a familiar face at the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia.

James' favourite service is a clients 'complete build'.  The word of mouth virality of his frame preparation work, mount facing, thread taping keeps people rolling through the door.

Ozriders is equipped to service ebike with both Bosch and Shimano diagnostic tools.    Proximity to Velocraft means he can easily strip and reassemble bikes that are in for repair of paint defects or full resprays.


Inspired by other freelance wrenches who looked to set themselves apart, not only in service and support, an aesthetic vision was set up in a home studio, allowing him yo slowly build a client list to support his 'side hustle'.

Enough stars aligned for him to make the jump to a dedicated space, in the same location as Velocraft - whose journey has been very similar.




Should you want to eat a smashed avo on brioche breakfast sandwich off the floor - it'd be a safe bet.  The studio is immaculate, and reflects James' vision of what he wants to serve his clients.

The tool box arsenal would be the envy of any pro-team, and their array and organisation is equally admirable.  

Have a look for yourself.

Seeing the drawers set out was almost likes like pulling compartments in James' brain to see where everything goes, how its arrayed, and logic for his work.

Many of these tools are a major financial investment and show his seriousness in Ozriders being a long term commitment to excellence.



It was great to drop in and see James' dream an evolving reality, as like many of us, we juggle work, young families, and a hunger to get out and ride our bikes!

If you think your bike deserves the best - search him out.


Ozriders Studio

9/51 Kalman Dr,

Boronia 3155

By appointment

0418 771 645

Instagram - @ozriders