2024 Melburn Roobaix - Ride Report

'That was epic!'

We set the tone - and you can out to play in epic style.

It is not a race - but the day is a pure madness from first light to night.

The weather was classic Melburn - overcast, windy, freezing rain, brilliant sun and we even got a few champion rainbows throughout the day. The liquid sunshine turned some sections to slop - which made for some epic entertainment.


Faces of Roobaix

Thanks to Peter Bongiorno for his brilliant work documenting this years peloton - a staple of the event for over a decade.

Find yourself, your friends and more.

Check out the 2024 album


Thank you to roving photographer's Mark Geary, Nick Orloff, Matt Osborne and Shay Fraser for capturing the colourful day.



It may not be a RACE - but 2024 had the most epic prizes in Roobaix history!

Cutest Couple

Thank goodness Melodie had an app to measure the decibels of rhe crowd cheers.

Melburn Post came out on top and won $100 Bridge Road Brewers Gift Certificate, Mum's Jam and a Project Flock light each (valued at $260 alone)

Craziest Contraption

An awesome FYXO Fire Keg, Mum's Jam & $50 BRB GC.

A $300 fat bike project snowballed into two fat bikes welded into a tandem with a fat trike trailer! What an epic ride.

Awesome Foursome

The Wizard of Oz quartet won the crowd and also

4 x $100 Quad Lock Gift Certificates

& Good Cycles Memberships

The Raffle

Bicycle Network

Our friends at Bicycle Network were hugely supportive this year, providing Bicycle Parking, Mulled wine and an incredible prize - 3 Days on the Great Victorian Bike Ride valued at $750.

Tom Hannon won this amazing prize.

I can't wait to ride it myself with Lil' FYXO. Come join us for the 40th anniversary of a cycling icon.

Lil FYXO's Favourite

Her first pick had left the scene, so Paul Baker ( the Dinosaur )won - taking home a 3kg tub of Nutella & $50 Bridge Road Brewers Gift Certificate.

Paul made the entire costume himself! Epic!

Spirit of Roobaix

We let Mike Makatron decide who received his framed print, and Dave Morgan (Mr Pink) is perhaps the most worthy winner there could ever be.

Dave also received a $250 Good Cycles gift certificate.


A Complete Surly Straggler

Thanks to Surly + Off Course, this most epic of prizes also came with the addition of a matching ensemble of bags from Skingrowsback - making it a prize valued at nearly $4000!

Congratulations James Oliver - who hasn't stopped smiling since.


The Grand Prize

The Vainqueur of Melburn Roobaix

We put up a Limited Edition Tom Gozney Roccbox and turning peel as the FYXO prize - valued at nearly $1000!

It's the thing we'd want to win, and only a complete and correct manifest was eligible.

Lucky for Rolando Gary - the winner of this epic prize.

Can't wait to see the pizza's that roll out of it.


Thanks to the event team for their great work on the day and helping the event run as smooth as pavé can be.

Adele, Peter, Andrey, Tom, Jose, Emma, Hannah, Michael, Katie, Zoe & Beck (not pictured).

Melburn Roobaix would NOT be possible if not for our epic sponsors.


Melburn Roobaix would NOT be possible if not for our epic sponsors.


Support those who support this event.

Also punching above their weight


Brunswick Cycling Club for the continued use of 'Roobaix' velodrome.

Good Cycles for on-course cookie distribution, and generous prizes.

skingrowsback & Framework Designs for adding to the village vibe.

Bicycle Network for the of the bike park, mulled wine, prizes and event support.

Project Flock / Tim & Marie for entertainment and generous prizes.

Gonz Lab for general mysticism.

@ogaram for capturing the prize ceremony.

Mum - for packing every single rider pack and donating 10 jars of jam.

Melodie - for being you.


Supporter of the Year

East Brunswick Village

So many riders have said they absolutely crushing the mid-ride entertainment leading to the FREE TIME sector.


The incredible coupon for discounted beer, wine, coffee, food, movies, gym membership, haircuts and more from the village traders.

EBV - 141 Nicholson st, BRUNSWICK!

What a day! What a lovely day!

The Radavist Gallery

It's been a decade since John Watson / founder of The Radavist , first came to Melburn Roobaix to document the day.

We are proud to support our talented friends in the bike industry.

If you read The Radavist, consider joining the Group Ride to support their fantastic content.


Thanks for watching, riding and supporting our annual bike party.

Searching for Merch?

We just about sold out on the day. We are taking a break and will be back in August.

Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

Hope to see you next year.


Sunday 29 June 2025