Super Sutra - Kona 'Choose your own Adventure' Bike

Super Sutra - Kona 'Choose your own Adventure' Bike

One of the rad-er things about parenting is getting to re-examine your childhood.  I loved to read and write, and one series that I consumed avidly was 'Choose your own Adventure'.  The 2014 Melburn Roobaix map was even themed around it, including a 'choose your own sector' at the ride start, to ease the madness of those first cobbled checkpoints.

This bike is definitely about choosing your own adventure - from picking up a case or three of wine for the wife, using it for the school drop off, or gravelling your way to Wagga for Gears + Beers







I found this on the used (and abused) pages of the internet, and instantly knew it had potential. 
It easily fit fresh 29 x 2.25 rubber - with wiggle room for fenders if need be.  The skinwalls tie in the leather bar tape and gum hoods.  The frame bag makes for a neat way to store the battery for the light along with wet wipes, snacks, towhee and machete (optional extra). If you carry a battery bank in the frame bag it's an easy way to keep your phone  charged on the fly either in the bag or on the Quad Lock mount.
27 speeds!  All barcon controlled and I've got to admit, the range on offer is incredible.  This would make climbing loaded a breeze.
After a solid degreasing of components, freshly wax for slickness of drivetrain, new (internal routing of) cables and hoods, and some kit pinched from another bike,  it's reborn and already beneath a belated new owner.
Ride safe!