Search for Gravel - Norco XR AR2 Groad bike

Search for Gravel - Norco XR AR2 Groad bike



This one came in for FYXO T.L.C* to get it ship shape, or should I say 'fit for gravel'.  Another model that allows you to swap 700c (29") hoops for 650b (27.5") depending on your thirst for adventure.


*Time. Labour. Coin.


It's easy to dismiss cable actuated brakes with their short comings over hydraulic, power and feel - but for ease of setup and repair in a moment of dispair they win hands down.    


The Search includes 5 bidon mounts.  Two in the main triangle, giardia mount (under down tube), and either side of the fork.   Also mounts for fenders and a rear rack.


The ol' Cinelli camo tape matched the tones nicely, and there's room for at least 5 cans of adventure paint in the expandable Blackburn frame bag.  I like to keep snacks, spares and wipes in mine, plus whatever ground scores I find on a ride.

1x drivetrains have become ubiquitous, but getting back on a double and triple reminds me of the benefits.  

Fresh chain means a super quick drivetrain.  Stay on top of your maintenance and you'll prolong the life of your drivetrain which means more money for bikes - and that is a worthy reason.





Let the Search (for gravel and good times) begin!