The Eddy Merckx Iceberg

The Eddy Merckx Iceberg

This is a re-up of a project from 2012, seemingly an eternity ago and before the dawn of instagram.

The owner flicked me a recent shot of it, pride of place in the bike room.  

It started as a request to do a paint scheme themed around a FYXO jersey design of the time, and the original frame sourced from Belgium was a steaming bowel movement in appearance, part colourway, part condition.  Highly undesirable.

I called it the 'Iceberg' in part because of the blue, and knowing it would be a very cool build once complete and I think it still is. 





The term has been bandied around so much of late that, like ‘fixie’ has come to mean far from its origins.  The groupset chosen was Campagnolo 11s alloy throughout, with logos removed from all save the ergopower levers.  Those pesky little Campagnolo logos are everywhere and in different font styles.  All over the brakes, front and rear derailleurs, chainrings, headset.

Cranking it up with CUSTOMised arms with FYXO colours.

The classic C Record era shield engraved on both crank arms like the elusive 1st generation offering, and three sections in equal length milled and flushed with blue, orange and black.

From far you could almost forget these are modern ultra-torque cranks.


From far they look like the standard Columbus MXL / Made in Belgium decals.

Up close, full creative license was given – and I ran with it.  This set was produced by Sun Graphics, as were the downtube / seatube Eddy Merckx vinyl decals.  The FYXO-Leader and owners name is paint.  Cyclomondo created a custom headbadge that only the keenest eye will pick the variance.




Get busy

Up front, NOS Cinelli FYXXXO Titanium stem and NOS Giro D’Italia bars finished with none other than Busyman Bicycles leather bar tape.


Mick Peel has been going from strength to strength with his handmade creations and the tape and saddles are often the of choice for many custom bikes.  From kangaroo leather he cuts and splices lengths to be dyed, perforated, and stitched to order.

My own suggestion was black with the orange through the perforation only for a more Chanel approach – the owner desiring blue stitching for an amazing result.

The iceberg

Floats on by.

Assembled perfectly by Shifter Bikes.









For the velospotters

  • Eddy Merckx MXL frame and fork
  • Campagnolo Record headset
  • Campagnolo Athena 11s ergopower groupset
  • Campagnolo Chorus titanium seat post
  • Concor Laser Saddle
  • Cinelli Grammo stem
  • Cinelli Giro D’Italia bars
  • Campagnolo Chorus hubs to H+ Son TB14
  • Challenge Criterium 23mm tyres
  • Busyman leather bartape
  • Merckx end caps
  • Merckx chainstay protector
  • Elite Inox bidon cages