Marin Pine Mountain  | Parent Mobile Cargo Carrier

Marin Pine Mountain | Parent Mobile Cargo Carrier

The flowering blooms say this build is from Spring '22.

Another custom e-bike build to serve a multitude of purposes.  Long commutes to the city, carrying cargo, kids, and in one of the hilliest pockets of suburban Melbourne.  Something that would have you choosing it over the car for errands and dare I say - everything.

The Marin Pine Mountain 2 formed the basis of the build as it ticked a lot of boxes.  Versatility, durability, dropper post, hydraulic brakes, BOOST spacing.


First thing to go was the suspension fork - substituted with a Surly Karate Monkey fork which opened up the front rack options.

Like many 'price' focussed builds, there's always some holes in the spec' list - for the Pine Mountain I'd argue it is the tyres.   My experience (and that of others) is they are the first thing to swap out, and I love a Maxxis skinwall.

The plethora of bidon mounts allowed for the Blackburn frame bag to be mountain without any straps for a clean look.


This build used the Bafang BBS02 750w motor, with gear sensor and the super small Bafang controller which is a rocker switch and display combined.


Integrated front and rear lights are powered independent of the motor and the switch concealed in the frame bag.

Full length fenders because they are awesome, practical and save your saddle!  SKS Bluemels 75mm suit a 29er MTB tyre of up to 2.3". 



The gold chain wasn't a cosmetic choice but suits the build.  For whatever reason, the stock chain, and a few others tested would not mesh with the narrow-wide front chainring, and kept throwing the chain, especially when shifting.   The chainline is compromised with these conversions, there wasn't room for the offset 42t chainring, and chance would have it - when the GOLDIE LOOKING CHAIN went on, it was silky smooth and didn't jump across the cassette range.  The front chain guide is a little insurance in the event it did want to jump. 










Don't think a bike in recent memory has rolled out the door without a Quad Lock.   This is the out front pro model and puts your phone just where you want it.  Strap a bluetooth speaker in the back for the kids, and you've got onboard entertainment!  



A smart looking ride - with bikepacking vibes and long range cargo capabilities.