Klein Quantum Pro

Klein Quantum Pro

To say Klein's were lust worthy would be a serious understatement.

A teenage me can still vividly recall stopping in my tracks at the sight of the Klein hanging on the wall at Cecil Walker on Elizabeth.  Trams clanged past in the background but it didn't break my gaze.

Was it the paint?  Was it the oversized whisker thin tubes, or the space age designs of the Mountain bikes?  Was it because one hung on the wall in every episode of Seinfeld?

Whatever it was, a lasting impression was made on the industry, owners and aspirational ones by a brand that would eventually be swallowed up by Trek

This 2001 Quantum Pro with super low mileage and incredibly well cared is a stunning example of the Klein road racing bike.

Featured as it was in the catalogue, in Plum Crazy paint scheme.




Every which way you turn to look at this bike it appears to be a different colour.  Mesmerising from every angle.

No holding back on the rebuild spec with Campagnolo Record 11 and Lightweight tubulars.




This stunning machine is the first bike of the 2020 FYXO Bicycle Calendar.  What a way to start the year ahead.

Pick one up in the shop and rekindle the lust!


2020 FYXO Bicycle Calendar.