Distract - FYXO Road Jerseys

Distract - FYXO Road Jerseys

I like a good story.  A good book.  A friend of mine isn't so big on books, but when I asked what their favourite was they took no time in replying - Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.

Jonathan was no ordinary seagull.  He obsessed with flying higher, faster, banking harder, braking smoother.  When I considered the story, and the friend who brought this classic to my attention, it was obvious why it was their favourite.  

As I dip through corners in descents I think of Jonathan.  Wings spread, full tilt.  Banking with grace, but also nudging the line to find the edge.   For me it's braking later, leaning harder and learning what I can do on a bike - because it's not enough to be able to just ride.  Anyone can do that.  

Riding should be an expression, and over a life time you develop a unique style that distinguishes a rider in the peloton from all others,  like a bird in a flock.

Take flight.


The victorian High Country has to be one of the gem's in the states crown.  Big hills, flowing rivers, and serpentine roads in yellow and black.  If you find yourself there, scratching for a ride to remember, here's one to log in your long list of memorable rolls.




Signs such as these are a dare - and they reward those bold enough to roll the dice.  If you find yourself at the back of Lake Buffalo, the Rose River road is a glint of gold in the bottom of the pan.  Logging roads spit off to the left and right, and when the sign says 4WD ONLY is when it gets really good.


As the road lines passed me by - just a blur of white against the blacktop,  chin on the stem and tucked my mind got taken away by a glint of colour, breaking my concentration.    That thought led to this pairing of jerseys that have POPS of white to highlight to other road users that you are there.   Combine these jerseys with navy bibs and a wave to passing road users.

Thanks to Tim Bardlsey-SmithCyclingtips for all the stunning stills.  Shot on location in the Great North East.  Plan your trip now!