Brokespoke Mountain - A Bikepacking trip

Brokespoke Mountain - A Bikepacking trip

Between a chain of emails, google satellite observations, strava route plans and much shooting of the breeze a plan was formulated between myself and my longest long-ride companion - UpDave.


For this particular extended bicycle practice session, I decided to leave the DSLR at home and trade it for the humble iphone, which I later strapped to an eagle for some amazing footage.




Here's some old school static images of the trip.  


Highlights included:

Getting drenched in the first 10 minutes as we rode out of Benalla.

The misty and epic climb to Lake Cobbler

Pushing our loaded bikes 10km on day to up the most evil 4WD tracks in the Victorian Alps

Nearly failing to light the fire

The BEST hot chips in Bright.

Planning has already begun for the sequel.


Get out there and get dirty!