Bikepacking | How to

Bikepacking | How to

A rose by any other name.

Bikepacking or as I describe it – Bikehacking is just travelling by bike and sleeping outside when you get tired.

I have a chequered history of bikehacking – the first was from South Morang to Whittlesea when I was 10.  Subsequent hacks have taken me through the USA, around Ecuador, around the south coast on England, and the French Alps.  The first and last on that list were with my brother and are particularly memorable, mostly because he isn’t a cyclist.

This recent overnight spell into the Kinglake Ranges and beyond was an excuse to get out of the house, and out of town to connect with some likeminded two wheel enthusiasts.

An octet of awesome individuals shared the journey which on a map looked like this.

Day 1.  Mount Despair.

How to: Bikepacking


Day 2.   More hills, dirt and fantastic scenery.

How to: Bikepacking


The critical factor when planning a trip is how wiggly the route is.  The wigglier the better.  Some of these roads were known to me, the others a mystery, and the more mystery – again,  the better.  There are some other tips to planning routes, examining contour profiles, rivers and possible food stops.

The planned route and actual route ridden differed slightly due to darkness falling on day one, and #thorngate #foodgate on day two.  It made for no less an enjoyable expedition.

After a hearty home made breakfast the collective hit the road and headed north and it went something like this.


Bikehacking | Don’t Despair from FYXO on Vimeo.



One thing I learned from this trip is that I’m very rusty in the travelling light department.  I took the boy scout motto more or less to the limit and was ‘prepared’ for anything.

Major findings were flannel tops may be ‘country camouflage’ but they are not a performance fabric.  Once wet they are a great sponge, not particularly warm,  hold water and ultimately weigh a tonne.

The blackburn handlebar / seatpost bags were awesome and give two thumbs up.  Can’t believe they just released them in camo!

Other top notch items are the GORE TEX paclite jacket, RAPHA neoprene gloves and my GORE TEX camo pants from my time as bike courier in NYC.  Never thought they’d come in handy again.


Leave your tips, trick and questions in the comments and go explore!