Nice Bike!  BMC Two Stroke - Hardtail Havoc

Nice Bike! BMC Two Stroke - Hardtail Havoc

Tools down!

This is one for the weight weenies nerds, with some amazingly like spokes from BERD - to round out a true XC race bike build.

Riley of Hardtail Havoc assembled the machine and built the wheels.  He specialises in wheel building, suspension fork servicing and when he's not 'playing bike', is working on his Ducati Monster.  

Riley first popped up on my radar when my old neighbour in the Norge, mentioned he had 'a guy' for his builds.  I made a mental note given this neighbour is no slouch is the 'nice bike' department.





Let's get to it.  Spokes made of 'string'?!   Yes - it's a thing and if you want to achieve the lightest wheelset possible, then light spokes will assist in that lofty goal.  The owner also wanted durability and opted for the gold standard hub over lighter options.

The process is lengthier for a wheel build, and if you want to go down rabbit hole of why's then head straight the BERD technology page.  

The modified fork decals and brake inlays are Riley's touch and I love it's subdued aesthetic.



Build your own

Frame - BMC 2 Stroke (Medium)

Fork - Fox 34s 

Headset - BMC

Crankset - INGRID

Chain - SRAM Eagle

Cassette - INGRID

Derailleur - SRAM GX AXS

Brakes - Magura

Bars - Tune

Grips - Foam

Stem - BMC

Wheels - Black Crow Carbon Rims  |  Chris King Hubs  |  BERD Spokes

Tyres - Vittoria Mezcal

Saddle - Fizik

Pedals - Shimano XTR



Hardtrail Havoc - BERD Spokes