Groading - Melburn to Merrijig

Groading - Melburn to Merrijig

A little entree dish for the upcoming Gears + Beers in Wagga next month which FYXO is a proud partner for 2022.

Skint planning and a sense of adventure is all you need for a good time in the saddle with mates.  Dave and I had already planned the ride, and Mitch was a last minute addition, recently returning from Europe.  What better way to catch up and swap stories from the saddle than IN the saddle.


Day 1 - Snobs to Merrijig

A hearty breakfast at FYXO as we waited for long time adventure companion, @Updave to rock up. 

The plan to carry-all-the-gear-and camp was ditched for a more 'credit card' style approach.  There were no objections to this light-weight touring alternative.

Departing the Norge at a sensible hour, we rolled north to Kinglake where we found no King, or Lake, but a great place to refuel at the Bakery.  




Opting for as much dirt as possible, we meandered our way over Black Range for Buxton, consuming the World famous Buxton Burger which has slipped severely in Burger rankings.


The sound of rifles punctuated the climb at a rather uncomfortable distance.  


Coming off the couch with almost no preparation I was happy to follow the Docker Derny to Snobs Creek Hotel where our meals and accomodation were waiting. 

People can obsess about gear ratios, but a more important topic at the end of a long day is liquid ratios.   49/51 is my preferred weighting in a shandy.


Day 2 - Snobs to Merrijig

Mitch headed off at 5am for his return leg, and Dave and I headed for Eildon is search of coffee and carbohydrates - ideally in the form of a tasty baked good.

Beware of the local birdlife who use their charm to steal your snacks without warning.


Our original plan to take a tour of Mt Terrible was dashed when the 'track' was overgrown and clearly hadn't been traversed in years.   We followed the Eildon-Jamieson road, stopping at 'the scenic spot'.


The descent into Jamieson is a favourite.  Sealed swooping turns for 15km are the reward for the 50km leading up to it.



The final dirt stretch through the back lanes of rural properties was on the days highlights before reaching out destination in Merrijig.



Another two fun days in the saddle - Plan your own adventure today!