Maldon Classic Bike Show

Maldon Classic Bike Show

The third annual Maldon Classic saw a packed hall of retro ride enthusiasts come from far and wide to see an array of bikes spanning the entire 21 century.

Rather than drive the 4hr return trip in the cool but impracticle Velocraft Beetle, we took my car and I think Steve was glad we did.

Arriving in Maldon, it's like the set of a period drama.  Swap out the modern cars for vintage and it's a perfect setting.

Akin to being struck by lightning,  show organiser Pete Gray came down with COVID and had to marvel from a distance at the show's bikes.  Pete has spent of lot of time, labour and coin to research and restore many race bikes and the show is certainly a great way to let the world enjoy his dedication.

After paying the 'retro priced' entry fee, we were greeted with a hall jam packed with bikes.  Over 500 people came through with all the money going directly to the local hospital.  Chapeau! 

The centrepiece of the show was his own stable of Australian track bikes from the 80s and 90s - masterfully restored by CycloRetro in combination with Bryan Hayes for the bikes made with his torch.

After a lifetime of banter filled phone calls, it was a great to meet the Godfather of Decals, Greg Softley (Cyclomondo) who drove down from Coffs Harbour with the pair of Gefsco track bikes.


There was a tribute to the late Gordon Hill of Hillman frames, many a Merckx, Colnago's, Tommasini's but it was an all-Australian field of winners in the prize categories.  Sadly, my favourite didn't win but the field was stacked with worthy contenders.

Robert Millar's team Panasonic was finally complete - a frame that passed through my hands over a decade ago.  Great to see it considerately re-assembled like it was in the Tour De France.

There was a whisper around the hall, and it's true - FYXO will be hosting the 'Bicycle Roadshow' in combination with MADE and the Melburn Roobaix weekend. 

Entries opening soon!  Join the mailing list for details.





My favourite!  The Pink GOVE.


Warren Meade brought this stunning Colnago, based on Phil Anderson's bike from the 1976 Commonwealth games.