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A taste of Gravel.

'A ride like this 

changed my life'

John Watson - The Radavist

Way back when, in the infancy of Instagram, when canti's were common, a friend from foreign lands visited these shores to say 'G'Day'.  We'd met in Japan through a common love of 'fixies', but cruising an urban jungle in Melbourne had far less appeal than taking him to see what the Australian Bush has to offer. 

The route was one I'd ridden previously with UpDave and Shifter Dan, challenging in it's length and terrain, rewarded with stunning scenery. Glamping in pubs, with well earned meals at the days end was the plan of attack.  

Who knew this would be a ride that would 'change the life' of a blogger formerly known as Prolly into The Radavist - John Watson. Inspiration is a powerful agent.

These types of rides have been sprinkled through my own life since the training wheels came off.

From cub scout rides spent in tents, a ghetto cycle tour of Ecuador, bikehacking in the UK and French Alps, countless dirt road epics in country Victoria - it's my favourite time in the saddle and the impetus to create GRAVEL CAMP - an event where all the need is your bike, sleeping bag and toothbrush and let us do the rest.



Jersey  |  Vest

                                           XS        S          M         L            XL            2XL    

Chest Circumference    86-90   90-94   94-98   98-105   105-111   111-119

Front Length                   52-53   53-54   54-55   55-56      56-57       57-58

All measurements are in centimetres - CM


Bib Short

                                         XS        S          M         L          XL        2XL    

Waist Circumference  69-74   75-80   81-86   87-92   93-99   100-107

'Standard' Leg               23         24        25         26        27         28

'Classic' Leg                  23        24.5      26        27.5      29        30.5    

All measurements are in centimetres - CM



T- Shirt's

                                               XS    S      M       L       XL     2XL    

Chest (armpit to armpit)     92     97    102    107    112    117

Length (neck to bottom)     74     75     76      77      78      79

All measurements are in centimetres - CM