Saturday 21 - Sunday 22 March 2020 

Camp Jungai, Rubicon

A gravel Campers Perspective

Gravel Camp is an event consisting of a night of camping plus a 50km off-road bike ride in Rubicon, Victoria. 

As much as a love a bike ride, my main motivation to take part in Gravel Camp was that it seemed like a good way to get my toes wet in bikepacking. By “toes wet” I mean I had my bike and I was camping, but I didn’t have to deal with packing part. 

The camping, the weather, the delicious dinner and brekkie, and the drinking chatting with other cyclists by campfire made for a fun and memorable experience. The ride, well… the ride was certainly memorable. It was tough. 

Beautiful, but tough. 

The hardest ride I’ve ever done.

Later I told friends and family 'I wouldn’t do that ride again'. 

A climb that was well out of my comfort zone, a descent that was also well out of my comfort zone, with no pleasant medium in between.  I was tired when I said it, but I was sure. 

 Thinking back after a week though, I realise that the ride wasn’t beyond my capabilities, it actually made me more capable. To be sure, Gravel Camp did push me out of my comfort zone, not only on the ride but also in forcing myself to get out and meet new people. Interesting, varied people. All cyclists. All rad. 

 Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. 

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