Tonka III - Custom Cargo ebike for Construction

Tonka III - Custom Cargo ebike for Construction

A super fun custom build for MVH Constructions.

The chassis is Surly Wednesday, with all the requisite accessories for a bike that ultimately is designed to replace a car.

Some hat tips to the BMX domain in the cockpit and pedals.

Heavy Duty Surly Rear rack in the back - Blackburn basket rack up front.    

Battery and cabling concealed neatly in the frame bag, with ample room for spares, tools and snacks.

A 52V 21ah battery powers the BBSHD motor, and supplies power to the lights and any other accessory you feel like adding.

Integrated front light, navigation at your fingertips thanks to QUAD LOCK out front mount, and the dropper post making loaded mounting easy and broadening use for people of varying heights.

Sticking with a reliable SRAM EX1 driveteain designed for ebike use.

Can't wait to start on the next one.