Stash Futura Colnago Track Bike - LA CARRERA

Stash Futura Colnago Track Bike - LA CARRERA

This collaboration between graffiti giant STASH and bicycle legend Colnago is still one of my all time favourite collaborative efforts.  

The concept was made possible by Nadir of La Carrera Cycles, TO - bringing together friends and passions to bring the project to light.

Nadir and my paths crossed from our time in the bicycle messenger game.  Nadir is a true legend and gentlemen of the community, having hosted many events including the 2010 CMWC in Guatemala, and almost brought La Ocho to life but was brought undone by a freak tropical storm which destroyed the track prior to completion.  It was great to bump into him while rolling through Toronto.










Nearly a decade on this track bike, and a pair of road bikes linger at the shop as part of Nadir's personal collection of two wheeled art pieces.  The arrows in both positive and negative space, with a solid blue and a metallic blue gradient fade is a brilliant paint scheme.








Limited edition

38 were produced for the project with Futura 2000 the other artistic contributor who I've loved since his album artwork for the U.N.K.L.E. Psyence Fiction LP.  In 2010 he also painted 7 bikes for Lance Armstrong to celebrate his seven Tour 'victories'.