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Speedvagen Lightweight Road Bike


Black & Gold

Lightweight Road

“A good bike is not a cheap bike.  A cheap bike is not a good bike"

Ancient Cycling Proverb

Wherever I may roam

Should you need a musical accompaniment to this post, this is one I believe is fitting.

I glanced RB's Speedvagen at a gig in the city and between pangs of excitement of seeing such a bling bicycle, the overwhelming feeling was fear.  Fear of marking it for the sake of a photo.   

The assembly was done in Australia, so when the frame left the SPEEDVAGEN factory in Portland it was an unknown as to how the build would come to be.  A black gold theme runs throughout, and not that weight is a measure of a bicycle, this one so happens to be like a feather - with razor sharp edges.  I could go on and on about how slick and appealing this build is but I'll let the photos do the talking.

It wouldn't be a custom dream machine these days without Mick Peel / Busyman Bicycles attention to detail and accuracy for accenting a palette.  I love the use of perforated panels on this saddle to suit the panels on the frame.

I'm the last person to obsess about weight,  but if you are weight weenie, you will instantly recognise the components slowing this machine down as eeCycleWorks- shown in an incredibly well matched anodised edition. 

Another trick bit of this machine is the rare as rocking horse manure BLACK anodised Vanilla Headbadge adorning the front with a Chris King blackened headset.  One of the rarely seen or known about upgrades.

The use of warm and cool greys with black and gold is stunning. 



Shimano Di2 Dura-Ace

Lightweights Obermayer Schwarz

Lightweight Bars / Cages

eeCycleworks Brakes

Continental Rubber

Busyman Bicycles Leather

Goldie lookin' chain!


Jersey  |  Vest

                                           XS        S          M         L            XL            2XL    

Chest Circumference    86-90   90-94   94-98   98-105   105-111   111-119

Front Length                   52-53   53-54   54-55   55-56      56-57       57-58

All measurements are in centimetres - CM


Bib Short

                                         XS        S          M         L          XL        2XL    

Waist Circumference  69-74   75-80   81-86   87-92   93-99   100-107

'Standard' Leg               23         24        25         26        27         28

'Classic' Leg                  23        24.5      26        27.5      29        30.5    

All measurements are in centimetres - CM



T- Shirt's

                                               XS    S      M       L       XL     2XL    

Chest (armpit to armpit)     92     97    102    107    112    117

Length (neck to bottom)     74     75     76      77      78      79

All measurements are in centimetres - CM