Pedalhead Road Works Edmonton | Shop Visit

Pedalhead Road Works Edmonton | Shop Visit

It's been a long time between rides in Edmonton.  2004 was the last time I rolled around while participating in the CWMC.  

Prior to departing 'straya I put a post on the gram regarding the impending visit to The Great White North and two shops came recommended and so far have not disappointed.  Thanks to those who got in touch and helping join the dots!

The first visit was Pedalhead Road Works.

The cycling themed entrance door was a dead giveaway that I was in for a treat.

Guri Randhawa has been developing PRW to what it is today over the last 17 years.  From an upstairs location, to a shop downtown to it's current expansive home on Whyte Avenue, its apparent bikes are his life.  

In between the current product range is a collection of bikes, jersey and cycling paraphernalia he has accumulated over time.  From Brad Wiggins, Greg Lemond (call me!), Stuart O'Grady, to Erik Zabel, from bidons, to helmets and framed jerseys a velo museum is entertwined with high end Colnago's and Condor's.





Back up a step - can I just reiterate how gosh darn friendly folks are in Canada!   The ol' wave and smile technique goes a metre back home and a mile here.    It really is a breath of fresh air.

Out back is the service centre and bike fit studio, also spliced nicely with a Mapei C40s and a Gardin Time Trial Bike.



PRW also stock Brooks, Ritchey, Chapter III, SASA and another brand on the 'to visit' list - VeloColour.

It's clear to see why this shop has been a top ranked one in North America by various publications.  I'd add it to your list of shops to visit should you ever roll through Edmonton if only to pick up a bidon keepsake.


Thanks to Guri (below), Scott and Connor for giving up time in their day to let this Australian run wild in their shop!

You can keep up to speed with the shop via instagram - facebook and their website.



More photos in the gallery below.


Pedalhead Road Works