A bumpy blur

For those who came to conquer the pavé of Roobaix, they were rewarded with true spring classic conditions, and a visual blur of sights, sounds and savoury delights.

After updating the operating system in my mind, I realised it wasn't two years - but three years since we last came together in the middle of winter to celebrate the city, bikes and the friendships made because of them.

Revel in some pro-level story telling below of the antics that are unique to this Melburn institution.



Still hungry for photos from the day - check out the event tag, and add your own to the insanity.

Fantastic blog entries from the saddle of soggy riders.

A Tale of Two Skiddies

Soggy, slippery, delightful

The Climbing Cyclist - Matt de Neef found time to add to his personal blog in his downtime as editor for CyclingTips. Read more.

Roobaix Sundaix!

@leealexand3r fueled his adventure, and frolicked in the muddy conditions and captured the Merri Creek 'Waterfall'. Read more.

The Spirit of Roobaix

Thanks to Peter Bongiorno for his brilliant work documenting this years peloton - a staple of the event for over a decade.

Find yourself, your friends and more here.

Makes for a great LinkedIn profile.

A Hellishly Good Sector - QUAD LOCK

Pavé de Prowse

Sector 2 in 2 parts for 2022.


The rain soaked field rolled through and was caught on 'film'.

Don't leave money lying on the ground.

Every Roobaix Rider gets 20% OFF at QUAD LOCK.

The Prize Winners and Grinners

Moon Dog

Win your Weight in Old Mate

Congratulations to Evan Cooper who hit the bar at Moon Dog World after Sector 8 and was the lucky winner - his son was more excited than him to win!


$1000 for Bike gear!

Any rider that used arevo on the day was eligible to win this prize drawn from the barrel. Originally $500 from arevo, we thought it'd be fun to DOUBLE that amount and kicked in $500 of our own cash to spend at Melburn's coolest bike shop* - Commuter Cycles.

Drama has high when the first name drawn came to the stage - but didn't have the app. REDRAW!

Every rider also was eligible to receive RACV Bike Assist for FREE for a year. If you haven't got yours, do it now!



Congratulations to Will Menzies, winner of the Basil Dog Carrier, thanks to Bosch e-bike systems.

It will fit his pooch perfectly!


Cutest Couple

The crowd voted and the Beastie Boys narrowly beat the Zoom Zoom's to take home a GOLD CLASS gift certificate for sensory stimulation in the cinema from Andy & Melodie.

Quad Lock

Awesome Foursome

The heckling came thick and fast for Cobble Lot who pipped Goldilocks and the Three Bears for the win.

They each took home a $100 Gift Certificate to spend at Quad Lock and a jar of Mum's Jam


Most Visible Rider

The winner of the amazing Lival Smart Helmet got away without a mugshot - so here's another shot of the highly visible cutest couple!


I met Michael McInerney in Copenhagen in 2022.

We were both bike couriers - 2 of only 3 Australians at the Cycle Messenger World Championships. We have stayed connected ever since, share the same birthday and I helped him paint murals in New York nearly 20 years ago.

His 'make it happen' attitude was inspirational when I travelled the world and help set me on my own path. His murals are part of this cities fabric and he kindly donated a print for a prize AND painted the side of his factory for this years event.

Oh, and he 'won' the first Melburn Roobaix. Merci Maka!

Disc Golf!

Oscar Fehlberg took a year out of his crazy contraption domination and with the Melbourne Disc Golf team had this fun mid-route activity for riders.

Audrey McColl won the prize for playing and took home a set of discs.

Lil' FYXO's favourite

Rachel Swain swooped in and won the heart of Lil' FYXO with her goose inspired outfit which flapped as she walked, ran and rode along!

She took home a highly desirable and plush Squishmallow!


The Winner of Melburn Roobaix 2022 took home the Golden Cobble Trophy, the cheapest champagne available at Dan Murphys AND a jar of Mum's Jam. This champion promptly uncorked the bubbly and showered the crowd in excitment.



Thanks to the team for their great work on the day and helping the event run as smooth as pavé can be.

The 2022 Melburn Roobaix rocked! Check them out.

Official Event Merchandise

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Foodbank Victoria

$2275 raised

We smashed our goal and with your help are providing over 4000 meals to those in need.

If you'd like to continue our support of this great organisation, click the link below.


Thanks for the sūper support.

Dave Morgan and the Brunswick Cycling Club

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