Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

What a week.  


Sometimes we get hung on the words.

The result is the same.  A fellow cyclist never made it home.  Do whatever you can to ensure your safety on the road.  Dress loudly, ride boldy, and always engage with other vehicles so the can never say 'Sorry mate, I didn't see you'.



I love a good podcast and have a string of favourites.  TED Radio Hour, Serial, The Forward and This American Life.

This one I found fascinating, mostly because of the lengths and breadths car dealerships will go to for the sake of monthly quotas, and what it does to their lives.



Two Porsche bombs have dropped in quick succession.   This Singer 911 concept.


Cannondale features a Rallye Porsche combining the owners two passions.  Four wheels are two! 


Project 8848

If you've been living under a rock in the current age of cycling, 'Everesting' is a single ride with an elevation gain of 8848m or more.  The idea of being a hamster in a wheel going nowhere never appealed to me, but this attempt is how I'd do it.  An epic loop, no two roads the same, and mixed terrain.  Chapeau CT!





Tour De Melburn - Registration Closes this weekend

Summer is here, and our second event of the year is just around the bend.  An epic scavenger hunt on two wheels, with lots of great places to find, bonuses, treats and prizes to be won.

Register now, and get your 'gram finger ready!




Mike, London 2002

I've always been into bikes in some regard, but becoming a professional two wheeled delivery person truly catapulted my interest in them, and how they can be intertwined into daily life.

If ever there was a poster child for cool bike couriers in London, Mike would be up there.  David Beckham's looks, a stripped Stumpjumper coverted to a singlespeed with tri-spoke wheels and a single Magura hydraulic brake.  'Safety Black' was very popular amongst riders of this era.

Taken at Bank, standing by with the cackle of the two-way in my ear. 



Happy Friday!  

Have a great weekend on two wheels.