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What feels like an eternity ago, the best frame builders in the land gathered under the same roof in 2019.

Fast forward to last week, and the show has nearly doubled in terms of exhibitors and people coming to witness first hand the state of play in the handmade bicycle arena - locally. 

Unfortunately due to travel restrictions, a host of incredible talent from abroad was unable to attend.  Nonetheless, the calibre and craftsmanship on display was world class.

The concept I helped bring into the world in 2012 in a South Yarra photography studio has truly matured into a world class event thanks to the persistence of Nathan Lorkin and Michael Hands of Corporate Cycling.  For those who visited the amazing Seaworks venue - it was an opportunity to see the cutting edge of local design, manufacture and construction.  

One question that keep coming up in conversation was 'What is your favourite?'.  The many cycling genres, and artists producing 'music' within them, a high level of craftmanship across the show was the consistent theme this year.  Each exhibitor at the show deserved to be there - and your favourite really does come down to the one that resonates so I'll keep mine under my pink beanie.

If you been following on FYXO InstagramTV - you'll see a suite of videos where I dive deep with each builder on the bikes they brought to the show.  Videos are being added daily!


HBSA2021 - Seaworks

With the city of Melbourne reflected in the background, the Friday night opener was the highlight of the weekend, with enthusiasm and drinks flowing freely.

With so many false starts, date and venue changes - it was a celebration of just being together in the same room, and making real world connections as much as it was about the work on display.





@passchiernz brought their range of handmade bamboo handlebars in a range of bends and timber stains.  Supple to dampen vibrations through the hands and strong enough for trail riding.

@terra_rosa_gear and their range of hardware - making their journey to the show by packraft.  



The Builders.

Those who many came for.  Click on the photos to be whisked away to their respective corners of the internet.

In exhibitor number order:

Woods Bicycle Co



Egress Bikes


Tor Bikes


Sugarloaf Cycles


Kumo Cycles


Lyrebird Cycles


Vechter Bikes


FiftyOne Bikes


Parlee Cycles


Curve Cycling


The Lost Workshop


Bastion Cycles




Gellie Custom 


Llewellyn Bikes


Prova Cycles


Bossi Bicycles


Devlin Custom Cycles


Penny Farthing Dan


Auren Bikes


Fikas Bikes


G.Duke Bicycle Frames


Geisler Cycles


Baum Cycles


Looking to the future.

Head to the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia site for details of the 2022 event and follow them on Instagram. 

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