21,August, 2017

Ode to coffee - and bicycles - and making stuff.

You don't have to look far in the respective worlds of coffee and bicycle to find crossover.   I'd seen a few modified portafilter handles and it struck me that a bicycle grip would make for a fine juxtaposition. Gonz had already made Campagnolo hub tampers so who better to make a handle for my portafilter that could accomodate a BMX grip, and later a Busyman Bicycles leather bar wrap (which got messy). To the soundtrack of CLAGG, the master of fabrication took the concept to design and then device. 


The finished result is still going strong some 5 years later, the same cannot be said for the ol' Mongoose grip.  Might be time for an upgrade.   Gonz Lab is still a 'House of Fabrication', however his latest project CASATI'S is a cafe / deli come micro-brewery in the heart of 3066.

Check it out.

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Jersey  |  Vest

                                           XS        S          M         L            XL            2XL    

Chest Circumference    86-90   90-94   94-98   98-105   105-111   111-119

Front Length                   52-53   53-54   54-55   55-56      56-57       57-58

All measurements are in centimetres - CM


Bib Short

                                         XS        S          M         L          XL        2XL    

Waist Circumference  69-74   75-80   81-86   87-92   93-99   100-107

'Standard' Leg               23         24        25         26        27         28

'Classic' Leg                  23        24.5      26        27.5      29        30.5    

All measurements are in centimetres - CM



T- Shirt's

                                               XS    S      M       L       XL     2XL    

Chest (armpit to armpit)     92     97    102    107    112    117

Length (neck to bottom)     74     75     76      77      78      79

All measurements are in centimetres - CM