Curve Cycling Belgie | Mercedes Benz AMG

Curve Cycling Belgie | Mercedes Benz AMG

Pulled out the big lens for this feature project for 3 Point Motors by Curve Cycling.

The Belgie Spirit is not of Columbus Steel but of Titanium, and unlike the stripes on the car which are yellow vinyl, all the accents on the bike are with paint.  

From Curve:

In partnership with 3 Point Motors, we customised our titanium Belgie Spirit to suit this Mercedes Benz, C Class Coupe AMG Edition 1. Our challenge was set, to create a bike worthy to wear the Edition 1 stripes.
The new Dura-ace R9100 hydro disc was the fit for this bike. A set of 55mm Curve Carbon hoops for speed, and mix of black on black Zipp and Pro finishing kit. Continental GP 4000 28mm the rubber of choice.
Our version of the yellow race stripes and satin grey were designed to honor the Edition 1 styling, plus some extra detail with matching yellow Shimano brake calipers and the inside of fork. We left the frame showing a little bit of sexy Ti, in the rear triangle. Paint was meticulously applied by Bikes by Steve, under the design instruction from Adam Lana and Steve Varga. Curve's Liam and Luke built the bike to perfection.
Like the car, the bike is a all about speed, balance and stability; a bike that can hold it's own on the race track, but is ultimately designed to take you out on exhilarating adventures across the roads we ride every weekend. Using a precious metal, as is our titanium frame, plus a clever selection of high end carbon, alloy and disc components, we are happy that we met the brief.