Behind the Lathe - Prova Cycles

Behind the Lathe - Prova Cycles




Behind the lathe

Each time I visit Prova Cycles  there's something new brewing - to be tested and developed.  These shots were from last year, before the release of the Ti Mostro 29x2.2 gravel bike, the Ti Specialé and a suite of sweet MTBs that rolled out of 412.

Each builder has their story, and getting Mark to reveal his can be akin to pulling teeth - perhaps because he likes his work to speak for itself, but his accomplishments range far and very fast before his time building bikes - like his carbon fibre monocoque formula chassis.   It is the integration of skills from his time before bikes that are making amazing statement on two wheels.   His sister Kelly, is now trained in the preparation and construction of the composite carbon tubes that feature on the Specialé, and is putting her professional chef skills to use in a slightly more industrial 'kitchen'.

For more stories of his past, you'll just have to drag them out of him for yourself.  Start by asking him about wearing neck ties - or what it's like to cut a truly hot lap of the Nurburgring.




To see more of Mark's work in the flesh, drop in to 412.


PROVA CYCLES - 412 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield.

Ready.  Set.  GO!