Melburn Roobaix is a non-competitive cycling
event by FYXO, themed loosely on the

oldest and most gruelling race

in the world - Paris Roubaix.

An adventure of a circuitous and bumpy
nature, 40 kilometres in length around
the inner suburbs of Melbourne, finishing
at the world famous Brunswick Velodrome.

Embrace the spirit of your inner kid and ride!

Two Wheels - Good Times

Previous Events

Swap Meets - an infrequent occurance since 2006.

Australian Custom Bicycle Show -

FYXO created and hosted the first Australian Custom Handmade Bicycle Show in 2012.

FYXO's Tour de Melburn.

A Scavenger Hunt through the City in Summer.

Gravel Camp.

FYXO's bush camp experience and Gravel Road explore of Mirrundindi.

FYXO is the official merchandise partner with Gears & Beers for 2023.

FYXO is the media partner for the Handmade Bike Show Australia - continuing to foster this great community of makers.