Melburn Roobaix | 2019 Ride Report

Melburn Roobaix | 2019 Ride Report

Melburn Roobaix  |  Ride Report

I remember the first one.


Not the first Melburn Roobaix - my first alleycat.   


2001 to be sure.  I'd heard about them from fellow bike couriers I'd meet on the streets of London in lifts, loading bays and stairwells. I never believed they existed - too cool and crazy to be true.   


There's a saying that the only thing that travels faster than a bike courier is the rumours they carry, and word got around that the last Firday of the month - one was coming.  Held at night, for some  after a cheeky pint - checkpoints scattered across the city only revealed seconds before the start - ridiculous costumes - wild bikes - silly antics.  


At the finale, food and drinks were shared, stories regaled and life long friends and memories made.  


They were infectious.







You came.  You saw.  You cobbled.

Those controlling atmospheric forces delivered us with a day of sunshine, wedged in between bitter gruesome winter days.  It was a relief to wake up Sunday morning to clear starry skies.


Nearly all those registered attended, countless hangers on too.  From the new start location in Northcote, the route was a postcard of all that is awesome about Melbourne, with pavé sectors new and old entwined into the circuitous way to the mythical Roobaix Velodrome in Brunwick East.


The O'GaraM Gallery

Mark Geary (O'Gara) and I go way back - connected initially through a mutual employer and more frequently because of our two wheelin' passion.   I can't think of anyone who is covering cycling events in Melbourne more comprehensively.  
Mark is in the exclusive company of 3 people who have ridden every edition of Melburn Roobaix - and this year he rode his Dad's Police bike - that he brought back from Cork, Ireland.  Amazing.
Be sure to give him a follow wherever you get your entertainment ( facebook / instagram ).

See his entire gallery from the event.

Roobaix Portraits

Great to have Peter Bongiorno back and in good health to make lasting memories of this years field.


If this doesn't put a smile on your dial you're doing it wrong!


View the ENTIRE GALLERY here.


We asked you to make a movie about your day at Roobaix.  Thanks to everyone who submitted a moving picture.  


Vote for your favourite in the comments!  The most popular video with win five pineapples! ($250 cash).


1. We came a long way to 'Roobaix'!

2. Jazza-Cycles Melburn Roobaix

3. Melburn Roobaix 2019 - Richard Stubbins

4. Wake up! It's Melbourne Roobaix today! WMA Films

5. The Roobaix Experience


Thanks for sharing your adventures - here's just a few that we think are tops.

Prize Winners

As always, the prizes were plentiful for the classic Melburn Roobaix categories and those who were drawn randomly from the raffle.

Win your weight in old mate!


Congrats to this years Moon Dog Brewery winner - Travis McClellan.  


Drawn randomly from the entries collected at the Brewery on this years route,  the Puncheur weighed in at 70.7kg!  


That equates to just under 6 slabs of the amber gold goodness of Old Mate Pale Ale.


Craziest Contraption


This is the Spirit of Roobaix if there was.  


Just when I thought it would be impossible to beat 2018's Two-wheeled Bunnings Sausage Sizzle, they blew it out of the water.


For a deeper dive, check out the gallery of the Jazza-Cycles float made almost completely from curb side collections.


Superstars of Silly from left to right

Oscar Fehlberg, Nick Perillo, Jacob Cruden and Joel Mackenzie.


The team each took away a $100 gift certificate to spend at Quad Lock.  


As always, helmets off to you all!  Can't wait to see what you invent in 2020.

Supreme Beings


Congratulations to Fiona Yeaman who was drawn from the raffle and took home an amazing Campagnolo Coffee Tamper from Gonz Lab and her own pick of a 1kg of Coffee Supreme's deliciously roasted whole beans.


The Brazil Sao Jose is a fantastic choice.


Everyone was a winner with a satchet of Coffee Supreme's Instant Colombian coffee in their musette too.  


Many thanks to the local roastery that has supported this event 'since forever'.


Bicycle Network


Winner winner! Chicken dinner! A twin pass to any distance for the United Energy Around the Bay in a Day was the take home for this well suited rider.


Thanks to Bicycle Network for the amazing job once again with FREE Bike Valet.

arevo On Time!


Congratulations to Julie Wiggins (no relation to  Brad) on winning the arevo mobility pack valued at $260 - including a annual Bikeshare subscription and $200 RACV Resort voucher.



Be Safe Be Seen


Lam Nguyen & Julie Wiggins both took home a Lumos Helmet and a reclaimed TAC billboard bag thanks to Towards Zero.


Thanks to the TAC team for adding colour to the day while safely crossing the road in North Melbourne - and those delicious cupcakes at just the right time!

Cutest Couple


Congratulations to Paul and Gene were made for lovin' each other!  They've  been cute for as long as we've known them and their KISS costume won the crowd over.   


A $300 gift voucher for the degustation with paired wines at Greasy Zoe's - our favourite local indulgence is what they took home.


Awesome Foursome


It wouldn't be a bike event without some controversy, and post event analysis of the Prize Ceremony Video has shed some light on the true winners of the 2019 Awesome Foursome.


The UCI tested the audio B sample and confirmed that the team of FYXO Eats had an audience cheer 3db louder than the Ninja Turtles which my ears could not detect on the stage.


Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael will NOT be stripped of their prizes of $100 GC to spend at FYXO because - they were awesome.  Nor will we be asking back for the jars of Mum's Jam.


However,  the same prizes of $100 FYXO GC's and a jar of Mum's Jam (each) will be awarded to the FYXO Eats team and are currently cooling as we speak.


Thanks for being awesome!




Vainqueur de 

Melburn Roobaix 2019


It takes pure luck to win the Golden Pavé trophy, cheap champagne and a jar of Mum's Jam.   This year was no different and once again a unexpected winner waltzed through the crowd and was presented with the trio of prizes.


It happened so fast this year that my trusty assistant (pictured) didn't write down the winners name - but you know who you are!








Thank you.

Our sponsors.  


Quad Lock for helping people find their way using Strava.

Moon Dog for the end of ride refreshments and amazing mid-ride experience at the Brewery.

Coffee Supreme for suppling the entire field with a single use satchet of the finest Colombian caffeine - ready to go in an INSTANT!

Bicycle Network for the mulled wine, mid route WATT challenge and Bike Valet at the end.

Arevo / Racv.  Their awesome little app revealed the start location before the event and will help you get here, there and everywhere.

TAC.  Working towards safer roads every day of the year - and those delicious cupcakes.




Thanks to Paul, Dusty and Dylan at Madman Printing for their continued support - since 2010!


Dave, Helen, Kimberly Morgan and the Brunswick Cycling Club family.


Cycling Australia.  Kipp & Stu. 




Melodie.  Without The Boss there is no FYXO and definitely no Melburn Roobaix.


Event Team - Peter, Mathew, Reroys, Tom, Maddie, Charlie, Jess, Travis, Caff, Mario, Kat, Kirsten, Hannah, Zanotto, Adele, UpDave, Blake and Hose who came in spirit and at the end for hugs. 


Yarrenberg Cheersquad - Kate, Cliff, David, Max, Anna, Henry and Damion.


Mum and Dad who assembled every rider pack  - and in record time.


Samantha.  Petit Roobaix was her idea!


Melbourne.  You are awesome.



Finally to those who rode.  There is no event without your continued participation and willingness to get into the spirit of the occasion.



If you rode - fill in the Ride Experience Survey for $25 to spend on these awesome items and everything else at fyxo.

00more sleeps

Ride safe!