Something old - something new.

No two Melburn Roobaix's have ever been the same. 

The annual get together for many has been stretched over the entire year.  This flexibility ensures no one will miss out on the chance to ride due to date clashes, injury, work or family commitments.

Rather than reveal what we think is the best route in the storied history of Roobaix, we are taking your down memory lane with a GREATEST HITS of PAVÉ to relive and/or discover. 

A standout sector from every year of the event, all of the various START locations, a host of other cool spots to swing by and the world famous Brunswick Velodrome with old skool and new age maps to choose from.


Do I have to ride Roobaix on a Sunday?  NO! The first one was actually on a Saturday.
Does it have to be during the day?  NO!  Throw caution to the wind, get some good lights and ride at night when there will be even less traffic.
Do I have to ride all the sectors? NO!  Maybe you have some of your own you'd like to include.   
I rode it first!  Do I win a prize?  NO!  Prizes are drawn last Sunday of each month until Christmas (Sunday 20 December).
What happens if it rains?  You may get wet.


STRAVA or it didn't happen.

Join the MELBURN ROOBAIX Strava club to share your ride.