Sunday 26 June 2022

Thank you for your support, patience and passion for Melburn Roobaix.

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No matter how bumpy the pavé, or rutted the road, your phone will never rattle loose with a QUAD LOCK.

Get one now and save.



Everyone wins this year.

If you are reading this - congratulations!

You are one step away from one year of FREE RACV Bike Assist.

An amazing service you can call on if you break down, have a flat or are too fatigued to make it home.

Get yours now.

Moon Dog Brewery

Win your Weight in Old Mate

Head to the bar at Moon Dog World if you want to win this classic prize.

Beer flows from 11am and they'll have quick and delicious treats available from the kitchen.

Winner will be drawn at the finish and no - you don't have to ride home with all that beer. Pick it up post event when you jump on the scales.

Moon Dog World


The support of these rock solid sponsors helps elevate the Melburn Roobaix experience for all.

To you, we say MERCI!