Roobaix is a bicycle oydssey!

At the start, you'll get a rider pack with your map, manifest (list of questions), a marker, and other goodies.  

The PRINT map is the famed Melway.

There is a QR code on the map to give you access to the suggested route on your device(s).

Strava - Ride With GPS - TCX 

Available on the day.

The chillest route is marked on the map to guide you from sector to sector, but you can choose your own adventure,  skip one, two or a few, have a long lunch at Bridge Road Brewers and take a shortcut to the finish. 

It's an epic adventure - you decide the direction it takes.

Distance - 39km total

Sectors - 6.1km 

The route is NOT a closed course to other vehicles and you need to consider other road users and road laws at all times.


Everyone is eligible to to win prizes in the raffle draw. 

Make sure your manifest is in the PINK barrel by 3.30pm.  

The exception is the 'FYXO Grand Prize' may only be won by a complete and correct manifest.