1st across the line.

You win zilch.  Zero. It's not a race! SLOW DOWN and enjoy the visual feast.

Genovese COFFEE stops!

There's an extra good reason to stop at the cafe's listed on the route.

Order a coffee and you might win one of 3 Genovese Prize packs!

Prizes for Acts of Awesome

Cutest Couple

Awesome Foursome

Each member gets a QUAD LOCK gift certificate of $100!

Craziest Contraption

Crowd voted, the winner will get a FYXO Kaos Keg and a jar of Mum's Jam.


Prizes to win in the raffle!

High 5 from Blackhearts & Sparrow

5 slabs of Birra Beer is what you hear!  Goes perfectly with pizza!

Malto bene!


Handmade Crumpler Bag - M E R C I !

We are making a limited edition run of 50 Crumpler bags for Melburn Roobaix - and ONE will be a prize drawn from the raffle, with a jar of Mum's Jam in there too.  Super sweet!

All the bags are Made in Melbourne and come with the Crumpler LIFETIME warranty.

Check out the 4 designs available.


TAC - Be Bold, Be Seen.

What could you buy with a $500 gift certificate at Commuter Cycles.

You could shout yourself a new helmet, lights and something bright!  

Thanks to TAC for this amazing prize.


Like a Bosch!

A FREE 3 month subscription to Lug+Carrie.  Build a bike now and see what yours could look like.


Winner of Melburn Roobaix

The gold Pavé trophy, handmade by the wizard of wood - Andy Van Bergen.

$1000 cash!

A bottle of cheap champagne.

A jar of Mum's Roobaix Raspberry Jam.

Eternal glory.