Inspired by life.

One of the best bike events I rode in New York was Cranksgiving - a race around the city with supermarkets as checkpoints, a shopping list of items to purchase, and a homeless shelter the finish line.  Some riders bought twice as much goods as required, and that feeling of having fun AND doing good made a lasting impact.

This year, if you want to grab an item from THIS LIST or your own pantry - you can donate it at the velodrome and it will go to Food Bank Victoria.  There's a few supermarkets on the route, including one not far from the finish.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are already on target to double our initial fundraising goal and hit $5000 - which will provide 10,000 meals.    If you'd like to donate, our link is here.

Watch the video to see where your money and food will go.