SUNDAY 28 JUNE, 2015.

We look forward to serving you another day of Hellishly good times on two wheels.

Gather your gruppeto and get ready to roll!

the cult classic ‘Hell of the Northcote’.

A fun ride across, through, over and under Melburn’s bumpiest cobbled alleyways concluding with a lap of at an outdoor velodrome.

This cycling event is inspired by the grueling Queen of the Classics, the Paris-Roubaix ‘The Hell of the North’.


It’s a scavenger hunt on wheels of sorts, themed on the greatest single day race of them all – Paris Roubaix.

Pronounced ROO-BAY, the Melburn version arms riders with a map, musette and a pen with a challenge of finding cobbled sectors from the East to West, discovering a part of the city rarely seen.  Unplanned stops for coffee, stoping to take photos and getting lost are all part of the journey.

There are no prizes for athletic merit as THIS IS NOT A RACE.  Prizes for creative expression and pure luck are up for grabs.

How do we register?

There will be an in-person Early Bird Registration, followed by an Online registration

Will there be a limit to the number of Registered Riders?

Yes, we recommend registering early

Can I register my interest to participate?

Yes, please subscribe for info on the Registration page

Will you have special events for your Year 10?

We sure will!  Stay Tuned.

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The 10th edition of Melburn Roobaix is Sunday 28 June, 2015.

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