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FYXO Neck Gaiter / Spring Warmer / Face screen

Show off some style with our new Neck Gaiters.

Super light and soft so it can be easily worm all day long. 

Retains warmth around the neck, a lightweight Polyester Microfiber fabric provides excellent protection and is highly breathable.


100% Polyester Microfiber

Size: 24cmx48cm

Breathable // Moisture Wicking // Seamless construction // 

Protects against: Sun // Wind // Insects // Chills // Bad vibes


FYXO - Black and Grey
Mondrian Black / B R G Y

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Multi-purpose Above Neck Accessory

Multi-purpose Above Neck Accessory (MANA) stretchy and comfortable. Should fit every one as based on my large noggin. Works well for the functions listed in the description but also good to keep the top of your head protected and warm (particularly in the folliclarly challenged) or hold your hair in place for everyone else. Ponytail and Man bun compatible. As always prompt and courteous service.

Great Gaiter 🤙

I like many others have always said"happy neck, what the heck", so go on, treat your neck!

You guys are AWESOME!

Dear Andy and Melodie, I've bought a lot of stuff from you guys over the years. Knicks, jerseys, shorts, jackets, hats, bidons, lights, cow bells, neck gaiters, baby onesies...I think that mostly covers it. It's always good quality, functional, stylish in a utilitarian way (perfect for me!) and almost always turns up really quick. I just want to thank you for being so awesome, and adding so much to Melburn cycling culture. Since the early days of FYXOMATOSIS and Melburn Roobaix ( I think I did my first one in 2009...) you've pushed cycling to be more inclusive, more fun, and definitely dirtier :). I hope you've managed to keep everything running through this crazy year and hope 2021 brings some relief and great success. Much love, and keep being AWESOME! Cheers, Simo.


FYXO Neck Gaiter / Spring Warmer / Face screen

Neck warmer? Nah. Face mask, yep, until Dan says no

Love the design. Goes with the Mondrian socks & badge I got at the MET in NYC in 2018. Wear with flair.