SUNDAY 24 June


A quick safety announcement

Watch, listen and learn.

HOw long is the ride?

If you ride all 11 sectors from Kew to Brunswick along the suggested route the course is approximately 48 km. 

You have until 3.30pm to get to the finish at Brunswick (Roobaix) Velodrome and put your manifest in the raffle barrel to win prizes.

When does admission open?

Event Day Admission opens at 9.30am and closes at 10.30am  SHARP!


Where does it start?

The NEW start location is Musca Street Reserve, Balwyn North.  ( MAP )

You can access the reserve:

from the end of OLD BURKE ROAD (from the west)

from the Yarra Trail (from the north)

from MUSCA ST (from the east)

Bean to Melbourne will be serving coffee from 9am.

How do I get there?

By bike of course!   Enter  MUSCA STREET RESERVE into your smart phone based on your point of departure to get an idea of how long it will take.

Allow extra riding time for costumes, fairings and other creative elements that may be slowing your normal riding pace.

If you are thinking of driving the best place to park would be somewhere between Musca Street Reserve and Brunswick Velodrome.

When does the ride start?

You may start riding as soon as you have received your rider pack from the admission point.  

It's not a race so leave only once you've got your bearings and ready to rock the pavé!

How do I get my Roobaix Rider PAck? 

Queue up and show your ticket at the admission point to collect your rider pack.   It has everything you need to make it to Roobaix. 

How do I complete the couse?

In your rider pack you will find a map with instructions, a manifest (list of questions), the 2018 spoke card and a dope pen. 

  • Locate the sector on the map 
  • Plan your route to it 
  • Ride to the end of the sector 
  • Answer the question on the manifest relating to that sector 
  • Repeat until you reach Roobaix. 

Completing all 11 sectors of the course is not compulsory. 

You will be eligible for prizes if your manifest is in the raffle barrel by 3.30pm. 

The grand prize and Winner of Melburn Roobaix may only be won by a complete and correct manifest. 

NEW FOR 2018 


Have trouble reading maps?  Want a back-up of the map?  No problem. 

You will need:

A QR Code Scanner iOs / Android

Strava iOs / Android

Scan the QR CODE on the map and get the route get the route ( but not turn-by-turn navigation ) on your phone as a handy reference.

How long do I have to complete the ride?

Registration opens at 9.30am and you have until 3.30pm to get your manifest into the barrel at Roobaix.  

This should be ample time to get lost, find yourself, repeat your favourite sector, take photos, stop for coffee or mechanical issues and make new bike friends.

What happens if I miss / skip a sector?

If you skip a sector you may miss out on some fun, but will still be eligible to win prizes and have an awesome day. 

To be crowned the Winner of Melburn Roobaix and win the Grand Prize you MUST have a complete and correct manifest drawn from the raffle.

I came first!

What do I win?

Absolutely nothing. Not for second, third or any minor placing. 

In fact, you probably missed out on a lot of fun by going fast.  Today's ride vibe is chill.

WHAT prizes can I win?

Great question!  No prizes are awarded for speed or athletic merit. 

Win your weight in Bicycle Beer!  

Jump on the scales at Temple Brewing on the day to enter.  

Win a Coffee Supreme Caffeine Subscription valued at $500

Sign up at the Coffee Supreme HQ on the day to enter (pssst!  You will ride past it!) 

One lucky rider will take home a 6 month coffee subscription of Supreme's finest - delivered to your door.

Win a weekend away at an RACV Resort valued at $500 ( x 2 )

- One $500 Gift Certificate can be won by riding a FREE Bikeshare bike on the day. The winner will be picked from a Bike Share bike that is parked in the valet.

- One $500 Gift Certificate can be won by stopping by the RACV checkpoint.

Awesome Foursome (best team) 

An awesome barista training course for 4 thanks to Coffee Supreme.

4 x $50 Gift Certificates to Temple Brewing's Bar

Mum's Raspberry Jam and FYXO 'King light combo's.

Cutest Couple 

Hell of the North Gift Certificates to the value of $200 x 2

Spirit of Roobaix Award.

A Super Commuter prize pack from TAC including a:

- Kossmoss reflective backpack

- Knog lights & bicycle bell

- Heisel reflective socks & scarf

- Treadlie Subscription

- Good Cycles Workshop Service

- Lunch for 2 at Higher Ground cafe and more.

- All packed in a TAC reclaimed billboard bag

The Prize Raffle

A Super Commuter prize pack from TAC

One entry to the Great Victorian Bike Ride valued at $1000 thanks to Bicycle Network.

The Winner of Melburn Roobaix.  A bottle of Champ-Pain, the Golden Cobble trophy and a Malvern Star Porter complete with deluxe carry bag and a jar full of Melodie's homemade cookies.

Emergency contacts

If you have an issue along the route SMS 0421 582 912 with the problem and location.

For all emergencies requiring Police / Ambulance / Fire Call 000


Where is my ticket?

Your physical ticket was sent via registered post to the address supplied when ordered. If you have not received it, please contact us with your order details.

What does my ticket look like?

You must present your ticket on the day to ride.  No exceptions.  

You must present your ticket on the day to ride.  No exceptions. 

You must present your ticket on the day to ride.  No exceptions. 

I can no longer ride?  Can I transfer my ticket?

No.  Tickets are non-transferable, and only the registered rider is covered by event insurance.

Can i buy tickets on the day?

No.  No tickets will be available for purchase on the day.


What should I bring?

Your bike and helmet at a minimum! A sense of humour is recommended. 

Other items might include:

  • A warm jacket
  • Gloves
  • Scarf 
  • Spare pair of socks #protip
  • Cash, card or other monetary instruments 
  • Phone or other communication device 
  • Basic tools (pump, patch kit, allen keys, spare tubes)

The weather


We have had a solid downpour making many trails a little soft underfoot / muddy.   

Rain is currently forecast for Sunday and whatever falls from the sky, it will certainly be COLD.

Dress for the weather and you will have a much more enjoyable time outdoors.

what happens if it rains?

You may get wet. 

No one likes being wet, cold or both. 

The registration point and the Brunswick Velodrome are both grass fields. 

A spare pair of socks may be just the thing for days end.


Should you need mechanical assistance along the route the following shops are open and in close proximity - or ask a fellow rider for a hand!


96 Nicholson St, Abbotsford

Smith St Cycles

192 Wellington St, Collingwood

Velo Cycles

Capital City Trail

815 Nicholson St, Carlton

Cycles Galleria Brunswick.

398 Lygon St, Brunswick East 

What bike should I ride?

You can ride any bicycle you like.Bicycle, Tricycle, Unicycle or Tandem. New or old. Bring the bling or a beater. Fixed or geared. Big wheels or small. Fat tyres or skinny. Suspension or rigid. Absolutely anything (except recumbents) is acceptable.For the safety of yourself and others it is recommend you have at least one hand brake and the bike is in good working order - or you can ride a blue bike.

I want to ride a free bikeshare bike!

What a great idea! 

Our friends at Melbourne Bikeshare are waiving all excess usage charges on the day for all Melburn Roobaix participants.  Call 1300 711 590 or email post event (Monday), mention Melburn Roobaix and all excess usage fees will be waived.

One lucky blue bike rider will win a $500 RACV Resort Voucher.  

What if I get lost?

Phone a friend, stop and ask for directions, or call your Mum.  

FINISH AT roobaix Velodrome

home of the Brunswick Cycling Club

AT THE Roobaix (Brunswick) Velodrome

At the Velodrome: 

FYXO will have sweet stuff for sale at the FYXO tent.

Lekker Lekker will have delicious dutch donuts and belgian frite

Temple Brewing will be serving cold Bicycle Beer and refreshing ales.

Beatbox Kitchen will have Burgers and fries. 

Taco Truck will be offering their Mexican wares. 

Bean to Melbourne will be serving coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Brunswick Cycling Club will have a sausage sizzle and soft drinks from the Kiosk. 


Park your bike in the Bicycle Network Valet FOR FREE in the Velodrome with peace of mind that is safe and sound.

The winner of the $500 RACV Resort Voucher will be picked from a Bike Share bike that is parked in the valet.


St John's Ambulance will be giving FREE lessons in CPR on the day. Take the opportunity to learn a skill that could possibly save a life 

PAIN IS TEMPORARY - glorious photos are forever!

The famous Roobaix photo booth will be there to capture your portrait.  Download a FREE HI-RES copy post-event.

still have a question?

Please contact us at hello(at) 

Melburn Roobaix would not be possible without our GOLD sponsors

Special thanks for the long term support by