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FYXO Headset Cap - Life is too short to ride shit bikes

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FYXO Headset Helmets.

Free Shipping in Australia !

Milled from a rare alloy extracted from the ore deposits of Bauxite from Plenty George NP's Blue Lake.

From a solid billet the cap is born, anodised to the blackest of blacks and etched with our tagline 'LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO RIDE SHIT BIKES' that derives from a once painful experience.

With a few simple turns of an alley key you can add bling to your bicycle in mere seconds.

Designed for 1 1/8" threadless fork designs and included is the finest hi-tensile 12.9 grade 6mm countersunk bolt to suit.

Beware of cheap imitations. Life is too short for them too.

Customer Reviews

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Headset Cap - Life is too short to ride shit bikes

Love this headset cap! High quality cap and countersunk bolt, and a slogan to live by. Thanks for the additional stickers FYXO!!

Possibly the world’s best headset top cap.

Life is definitely too short to ride shit bikes, and what better way to declare this to all your uninformed non-cyclist pals than with a headset top cap that says just that? I can think of none. So basically this product is perfect in every way. Except it doesn’t make me coffee or change my kid’s nappy...

Just the right amount of bling

When you know that this is true, spread the word. Fits nicely and does what it should.

Too good to not have

It's a statement of fact, life IS too short to ride shit bikes. So why not have it as a reminder on a headset cap?
Now there is one on my Bianchi T-cube, and one on it's way to a mate's place in Utah. it OK to say 'shit' in Utah......? is too short.

great product

great product, fast service, funny, thanks for the stickers and all the other goodies!!