Skingrowsback Plan B

Skingrowsback Plan B

With so many new brands on the block making accessories, apparel and other bike related things, Skingrowsback is one I can qualify as to having a long running history and strong credentials in the carrying things on your bike game.   Pretty Boy and I both started our courieringering careers in London around the same time.

Before there was a YouTube, the only way to learn tricks on a bike was watching riders better than yourself.  In the fixed gear arena of London bike couriers circa 00 there was one rider with few equals for skills.  'Pretty Boy' was like a swallow on wheels on his brakeless VETO track bike.  Many elements of my own riding repertoire come from observing him ride through traffic.  Always fascinated with bags, storage and things made to last, Pretty Boy started Skingrowsback from his apartment in Marrickville over 10 years ago.

 I've got one of his original carry-anything stupendously over built bike courier backpacks, a track chainring toolbag and when he announced the Plan B saddle bag last month I had to have one.


It doesn't always got to plan.

You've always got to have a Plan B!  Like all Skingrowsback equipment, this mini-pack is well finished, well thought out and made to handle the abuse only a bike courier can dish out.  


I had the best of intentions to take some photos of this Plan B in the wild but had a little mischief on 'Myxomatosis'.


Plan B!

Back home, switch up saddles and voila!

Plan B neatly stores a 29er tube, CO2 cartridge (25g) and adapter, mini-tool, credit card and coins.  

The closure mechanism is sweeter than lemon meringue pie and is a joy to open and close.

Plan B's (and Plan B Micron) are available in plethora of colour options including my favourite - camouflage.





'This little riding companion could mean the difference between riding home or walking.'

If I had an extra hand I'd give it three thumbs up.

Grab a Plan B in their shop and/or follow them on instagram