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Early Bird Registration 

Saturday 1 May 2021 |  11am - 2pm

Melburn Roobaix - (Event Day - Sunday 27 June 2021)

There is more reason than ever to come down to Moon Dog World and register for you and your mates.

Get off the couch, head to the brewery, and receive:

  • Discounted Entry |  only $75 - save $20!  (CASH ONLY)
  • Early Bird Bonus  (RRP $24) for the first 700 tickets sold.
  • Free Coffee.
  • Bring your 2020 ticket stub for an EXTRA BONUS.
  • Handmade Bicycle Show Australia offer.
  • Go into the draw to win a Melburn Roobaix Kaos Keg (valued at $250)


Registering for you & your mates is easy!

No paper forms to fill out, or emails to remember.  Buy your ticket(s), give them to your mates, scan the QR code on the back and fill out the rider details for your ticket.

Scan the QR code and complete the form as soon as you receive your ticket if you want to WIN the Melburn Roobaix Kaos Keg.


Where is Moon Dog World?

Moon Dog World Brewery.

32 Chilfley Drive, Preston 3072

Car park out the back (via side entrance) - Bike parking out the front - Good vibes inside and out.


Is this your 10th Melburn Roobaix?

Anyone who has ridden 10+ Melburn Roobaix's will get FREE ENTRY in 2021 if you register at the Early Bird Event.

Bring photographic proof of yourself from each edition to show us - post it on on Instagram / Facebook and tag @FYXO.  


See you there!

Andy and Melodie.





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