ZWIFT Mathew Hayman | Paris Roubaix blog


The story of the second Australian to winner Paris Roubaix is a fascinating one.

A lifetimes pursuit of a seemingly unreachable dream.  As Mathew Hayman’s career was drawing to a close it seemed it would remain that way, particularly given he broke his elbow mere months before that Sunday in April.

From a sweat stained of his garage Mathew Hayman spent countless painful hours on the ergo trainer, a ladder bracing his laptop.  The romantic notion of the life as a professional cyclist revealed for what it truly is.  Hard work upon hard work, time away from the family, sacrifice and toil in the hope that one day the cycling gods smile on you.

The phrase that has been bandied around his win is a constant ‘couldn’t happen to a nicer guy’.  Even Tommeke was truly to happy to lose to such a champion of the sport.