In 2003, Radiohead dropped a new album.  Hail to the Thief.  A pre-mastered version had leaked online 10 weeks earlier and a friend had made a copy on MD for me to listen to.  I can vividly remember being blown away by 2+2=5 but Myxomatosis stood out for me as the title was a disease developed to help rid Australia of it’s rabbit problem and it had claimed the life of my own pet rabbit when he had started hanging out with wild rabbits – who 50 years later have developed an immunity to the disease but still carry it.

It’s a crippling disease that takes over the rabbit’s life, impairs judgement which I found parallels with for cycling.

This was also a time when there was no ‘fixie craze’, no social media, so I was spreading my passion, ‘the disease’ one person at a time, and soon those people I’d infected were infecting others.  A year later there was a solid crew in Melburn riding track bikes and we all knew each other by our bikes as there were still so few of us.

I changed the ‘M’ for an ‘F’ after a chat with one of the original fixed crew and fyxomatosis the name was born.   The website was spawned the following Autumn after my first photography exhibition as a way of spreading the disease worldwide.

This video captures the energy of the song and the things I love.

If I had my time over again I’d definitely choose something easier to spell.