All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth blog


Like many kids I can vividly recall writing out my wish list.    Whatever the wishes or their number, few ever ended up being in the bottom of my stocking but that never fussed me much.  The neighbours usually got them instead and I’d jump the fence and play with their stuff and watch them break it after a few goes.

My brothers first bike was a used gold BMX which was on the back step come Christmas morning.  First thing he said was ‘Hey, someone has ridden this before!’

Mum came up with some explanation that Santa had to ride it to deliver it and that justification sat well enough with little Al at the time.  What strikes me now is how observant he was, and still is for meticulous details, a trait I ran with after watching him restore an old Apollo MTB.

This image is as close as I ever got to the Cinelli CMX-1 but the memories it brings back truly are – gold.