Using my own perspective to parallel the world of frame builders and bicycle bloggers – I’ve seen many come, promise the world, deliver little and disappear just as quickly.

There is something to be said in this era for stayers.   Those that remain ahead of the game, avoiding trends like potholes, but ultimately steering them by setting a standard.  With 15 years of frame making under his belt and another 10 prior in fabrication, it’s fair to say Sacha White / The Vanilla Workshop is a stayer.

His ethos is to put greatness back into the world by not just making more bikes, which there is enough of – but to make greatbikes.  A rideable canvas with his design vision, fabrication experience and the customers DNA injected into the seat mast.

I’ve had the privilege to ride shotgun for the Melburn leg of the Speedvagen Fit Tour, to get inside Sacha’s head just as he’s tried to get into mine.  Over the coming weeks FYXO will feature images and stories from the tour, the custom fit experience, the story of the brand,  current Speedvagens, and newborns once they land on these shores.

I also managed to get two wizards of the frame building world into the same room and you can bet magic happened.  I’m still riding the high of my week long steel injection.

Have a great weekend and ride safe.