The tiger is patient, powerful and explosively fast.  Josiah Ng is a Track Tiger, the national animal of his nation.   His success is the fruit of dedication, determination and perseverance in the fiercely competitive circle of track sprinters.  His success surprises even himself and Josiah humbly never thought he would have gone so far in his sport.  Josiah’s pet event is the Keirin, with great success including a Commonwealth Gold medal, competing in 2 olympics and has been invited for four seasons to race the International Keirin circuit in Japan.

From his time in Japan, it has cemented the bonds he has with other trackstars of the ‘travelling circus’ that is the World Cup events and track meets.  Regularly lining up against the likes of Hoy, Perkins, Sireau, like the Malay Tiger he has no fear of his rivals and goes into each race with the same mindset.  Win.  On the boards, when the gloves are on there are no punches pulled, off the trackthe riders are good friends.

Josiah’s rise to the top is in part to the relationship built with John Beasley, former Australian Track Coach.  The bond has evolved to the extent that Beasley now coaches the entire Malaysian ranks, and the team bases itself in Australia to train.  Josiah could be credited as pioneering a new generation of trackstars from his home nation, an otherwise unknown in world cycling.  Now it boasts the names of Azizul Awang and Fatihah Mustafa as hopefuls in the London olympics for a medal.

Now in what he considers to be the second half of his career, he has seen the Keirin change from a last lap explosive burst, to now an endurance sprint almost as soon as the bike pulls of with 2.5 laps to go.  When he started a 94″ was his choice, and now it’s 104″.

Josiah lives in Melbourne and loves all it’s cultural offerings, cafes, restaurants and of course cycling.  Josiah helped form a Malaysian cycling group as a break from his serious cycling where his aspirations include a few cyclocross races and Melburn Roobaix.

Beyond the banks of the velodrome, his 5 Bling cycling specifc gloves are worn by the world’s elite track riders, a product that evolved from seeing the like of Anna Meares and Shane Perkins wearing golf gloves.  Josiah has recently complete the BG cycle fit course and has started a bike fit consultancy.  Never satiated for the need for speed, when Josiah isn’t racing or training behind a derny at 70kph, his other passion is fast cars.

One thing is certain, Josiah has no intention of slowing down.