I’ll be the first to admit that my favourite frames and brands were because of my attraction to the logos, paint schemes, and details that are only revealed up close.  The retinato paint of Tommasini’s, the chevrons of an Eddy Merckx, Colnago’s disregard for the norm, and the over the top flair of Somec.

Baum do paint on their tubes that are on par with any Italian sportscar.   Many of their templates and palettes are often drawn from motorsport, and the structured GTB  leaves the customer with a painstaking choice to make. How much brushed titanium to reveal, and how much paint to layer up. This one was drawn from the owners previous bike from the mid 90s cycling super team – a Motorola Corsa Extra.

The official colours of this Coretto are Blue Sirena, Sram Red, Arctic Silver.

Even better in the flesh.

There is paint and there is paint featurable