Friday night and what better way to spend my last night in LA than riding to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset.

At least, that was the hazy plan.

Mt Wilson is big.  At least big by Australian standards.  It’s a mere 50km from the Los Angeles downtown and ramps up to a height of 1750m.   To give Melburnians some perspective you’d have to drive to the top of Mt Buller to get higher, and only just.

There is a sealed tourist road, and there is the slightly less conquered cracked bitumen come loose dirt and rock route.  No prizes for guessing which one we took.

Figuring this was a cruisy dusk ride, I travelled light.  So light I had only the Hawaiian shirt on my back.  The route is steep from the gate and corkcrews its way up the first section.  By the time the last light had passed I was drenched in sweat and we were only half way up.   At this point lights would have been very handy.  I hadn’t got the memo, but fortunately Kyle, John and Sean did and I used a combination of their light and night vision to scurry up to the top, all the while trying to avoid the deadly Poodle bush which lined the last third of the trail.

We finally made it to the top under a near full moon and a sea of suburban lights below.

After shaking off the shivers of being soaked in sweat and descending full speed back to the dirt it was a long descent back to the truck riding in the light that trailed from behind.  That light started to flicker.  Then all of a sudden it failed.  Sean and I both screeched on the anchors.   A loose connection nearly had us over the edge, but once sorted we caught up with John and Kyle who had flatted.

We kept trucking and caught up with a coyote who tried his best to out run us.  Good times.

Pizza, pasta ended the perfect day in LA.

Oh, and karaoke of course.

Not kidding.